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Founder, CEO, Pump Coach

Kristen Proud Ounces Founder

Kristen is on a mission to change the reality of pumping & working for moms and the businesses that support them. After managing digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 clients at several advertising agencies across New York City, Kristen joined Google in 2009. She spent almost 10 years as a search specialist, sales leader and trusted partner to c-level executives working with Google to market their products and brands. She has guest lectured at both Harvard and Cornell Business Schools.

During her time at Google, Kristen became the mother to three daughters and spent over 2 years pumping breast milk at her office in New York City, her home office in New Jersey, client offices, airport waiting areas, restaurants, plane bathrooms, taxis, hotel rooms, her car, trains and countless other locations. She experienced frequent stress while trying to integrate pumping seamlessly into her ambitious professional goals.

After interviewing women who have pumped & worked across a variety of industries, she believes the key to meaningful change in pumping & working will come from both increasing support for moms and offering resources that make it easy for businesses to create awesome lactation programs (space, policy and culture). With the help of a talented team of healthcare, legal and HR advisors, she founded Proud Ounces and is now devoted to making sure every mom has the support to meet their breastfeeding and professional goals.