Proud Ounces Pump Coaching

A Proud Ounces Pump Coaching session gives a new mom the information and confidence to be a pumping & working pro on the first day back at work.

Pump Coaches will create a customized agenda perfectly aligned with the unique needs of each individual.
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Integrate pumping with breastfeeding

We meet moms where they are and walk through a plan to integrate pumping and bottle feeding into the routine as they approach the return to work date. We'll review all the nitty gritty involved in successfully pumping during work hours, plan a customized schedule and cover what to do during non work times such as weekends and vacation.

Store, transport and use milk

We review everything moms never wanted to know about how to safely and efficiently store, transport and use all that hard earned milk. We talk freezer stash strategies honed to perfection by pumping vets, a weekly rotation of milk use that is second to none and how to pack up the goods for transport from a workspace or to a childcare provider.

Communicate with your employer

We cover how to clearly express your pumping needs and how to work collaboratively on solutions that benefit both employee and employer. We'll review the basic rights pumping team members enjoy in your specific geo location as well as federal protections that apply.

ALL the pro tips and tricks

We mean that. ALLLLLLLLLLL the tips and most of the tricks. We've walked 10 miles in your shoes, interviewed and worked with lots more women who have done the same and are in the mix with all the latest and greatest. We're ready to share everything we've learned about making pumping & working as comfortable and efficient as possible so you can skip the learning curve.

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What the moms say

We're about results. 100% of participants say the session significantly increased their confidence that they will be successful returning to work and continuing to breastfeed.

As a first time Mom, I have no idea what to expect. After our conversation I feel more confident about what to pack, how many ounces I should be pumping each day, how to pump efficiently, and how to talk to my administration. I know it will take some time to be comfortable with pumping at work, but the coaches helped me become more confident and to advocate for myself.

Lauren,Elementary school teacher

They answered all of the questions I had and even those I didn’t realize I had. Every topic about pumping was discussed and I feel very prepared moving forward and starting the process of pumping while at work.


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